Dummy run – Mannequin business near Sleaford launches body part heist service

There are bank heists, casino heists, truck heists, rail heists ... now, thanks to a business near Sleaford, there is a ‘Drive Through Body Part Heist’.

Mannequin mountain.
Mannequin mountain.

This is the name of a new service available at Mannakin, of Fulbeck.

The business is home to 20,000 mannequins, which it sells or offers for hire – previous customers have included Lady Gaga and Top Gear.

Under the Drive Through Body Part Heist, customers pay £50 for as many dummy parts as they can fit in the boot of their car in 15 minutes.

The idea evolved out of a drive-through event the business held last year for Halloween, as director Roz Edwards, 49, explained.

“Usually we allow people to walk around the yard at night at Halloween, but due to covid, we couldn’t do that,” she said “So, I invented the idea of a drive-through as everyone could feel safe.

“Then one customer asked if he could take body parts, and another mentioned ‘don’t you have a souvenir shop?’, so that is when I thought about and promoted the ‘Drive Through Body Part Heist’, again to allow people to feel safe but also have the opportunity to fill up a car boot instead of just people walking around the yard.”

Visitors will find hands, feet, legs, and torsos of all sizes up for grabs (though, there is a limit of five pairs of hands per customer).

Roz said the drive-through initially attracted ‘lots of interest’ when it launched after Christmas, but was hit hard when the third national lockdown was imposed in January.

She said she is hopeful interest will start to pick up again as restrictions ease.

“Of course the heist is outside and we maintain social distancing, so it really is as safe as it can possibly be,” she said.

Last month, the business celebrated recognition in an award scheme run by ScareCON – Europe’s only trade show for the scare attractions industry.

Its Halloween Safari event received a nomination in the drive-through category of the Scare Awards.

“We didn’t win, but it was a great honour to be recognised alongside such scare venues such as Thorpe Park and Alton Towers,” Roz said.

* To book a drive through session or for more information, visit mannakin.com/p/drive-through-heist