Eileen's third skydive in memory of sister

​A self-confessed adreneline junkie is preparing to take on her third skydive in memory of her sister – and is thanking the community of Louth for their generosity.
Eileen Barber during her second skydive for CLIC Sargeant.Eileen Barber during her second skydive for CLIC Sargeant.
Eileen Barber during her second skydive for CLIC Sargeant.

Eileen Barber, 64, will be taking on her third skydive in June raising money for in memory of her sister Jan Hamill, who died in October 2022 from secondary breast cancer.

“I am no spring chicken, but in my mind’s eye I am still 21 years old, and no matter how old I get I’ll always be young at heart and be a thrill seeker – that ought to be engraved on my headstone!” Eileen laughed.

This will be Eileen’s third charity skydive – having lost her husband Alan to bowel cancer in 2010, her first skydive was raising money for Bowel Cancer UK in Alan's memory, while the second was for CLIC Sargent, a children’s and young people's cancer charity.

And now after losing Jan to breast cancer, raising money for Against Breast Cancer UK seemed the obvious choice.

To raise more money, Eileen recently held a street collection in Louth, where she collected an impressive £146.18.

Eileen is now extending her thanks to the Louth community for their support during the street collection on that bitterly cold day:

"I would like to thank everyone sincerely for their kind donation as every penny raised goes towards ABC's research into secondary spread which is the main cause of breast cancer related death."

But Eileen is not done yet, as she said before she “shuffles off this mortal coil”, there are still other thrill-seeking activities she wants to do…

"There are still two things on my bucket list that I want to experience, cage diving with Great White Sharks, and flying the Velocity 2, the world’s fastest (100 mph) and Europe’s longest zip wire in North Wales,” she said.

"This is another goal to strive for and a good reason to raise money for a different but equally deserving charity – I just need to decide which one, so watch this space.”

To sponsor Eileen, visit her fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/Eileen-Barber

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