End of an era as Crysanth Society closes

After many years of wowing the coast with their blooms, a Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea club is set to close.

The Mablethorpe, Sutton and District Crysanth Society has decided to close its doors for the last time due to a lack of support.

The society was first founded in 1949, and was part of the National Crysanthemum Society, but over the years the society’s members had dwindled and the remaining committee members were struggling.

And so the decision was made this month to disband the society, and now the committee are trying to reunite their trophy holders with their winners.

Margaret Conyers, spokesman for the society, said: “We’re trying to find all those people who have any connection to any of our trophy winners, as we’ve got boxes and boxes of trophies and we need to get them safely to those who’ve won them over the years.”


Anyone who has won a trophy with the Mablethorpe, Sutton and District Crysanth Society, or has any family member who may have, is invited to get in touch with Margaret as soon as possible.

The deadline for claiming a trophy is October 31 – after this, the trophies will be sold and the money donated to a nominated charity.

To claim one of the trophies for yourself or one of your family members, please call Margaret on 07849 843436 or alternatively, email [email protected]