Enjoy the warm weather safely – don’t risk open water

North Lincolnshire residents are being reminded of the dangers of swimming in open water as temperatures continue to rise.

Dangers of open water swimming
Dangers of open water swimming

In warm weather, increasing numbers of people, especially children, can be tempted to cool off in bodies of open water. The temptation can prove fatal, as they put themselves at risk of drowning.

North Lincolnshire District Council has stressed the importance of teaching children to spot and keep away from the dangers of open water.

Despite warm temperatures above the water, below the surface it can remain extremely cold. The cold water shock of falling into the open water may cause panic and the weight of a person’s clothes will make it more difficult for them to swim.

Other dangers to be aware of are:

- The depth of the water can be unpredictable and there may be hidden currents

- It can be difficult to get out of open water with steep and slimy uneven banks

- It can be deep with hidden shelves and sharp drop-offs close to the bank’s edge

- There may be hidden objects and hazards below the water surface

- There are no lifeguards or lifesaving aids nearby

- The water may be polluted with chemicals and may make you ill