Family of Christopher Higgs pay tribute to a ‘lovable son’ and ‘devoted father’

The family of Christopher Higgs, who died on July 14 last year following a fatal stabbing in Boston, have paid tribute to him.
Christopher Higgs.Christopher Higgs.
Christopher Higgs.

His mum Jody said: “Losing Christopher has totally destroyed us as a family.

“Losing a child is hard enough, but in this situation, it was even worse because I didn’t have the opportunity to be there when he died.

“His death has affected us all, especially my eldest son, and it’s going to be hard for us as a family to come to terms with it.

“There are no words to describe the pain we’re feeling.

“He was so full of life. He loved school and he’d done very well at college. He was a caring and loveable son, and he was crazy about football.

“He was a devoted dad, and his one-year-old son was his life. He was determined that his son was going to play for Arsenal one day and my heart breaks knowing that Christopher is not going to be here to see him grow up.

“His son will never get to know who his dad is.

“He will never know what his dad did for him. We all have memories of Christopher, but his son won’t, and he never will.

“That’s the most painful part about it. Christopher will be missed by us all.”

Christopher Higgs was found with a fatal stab wound on Portland Street, Boston.

Despite the best efforts of emergency services, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Charlie Stevenson, 21 of Portland Street, Boston, was found guilty of manslaughter at Lincoln Crown Court yesterday (February 10). She will be sentenced on March 3.