First new scouting group in 35 years inspiring fresh generation in Spilsby

A new scouting group in Spilsby has been launched to inspire a fresh generation.

2nd Spilsby Scout Group took part in scouting history this week by welcoming their brand-new section for four and five-year-olds.

Squirrel Scouts is the first new branch of the scouting tree to launch in 35 years, and will be rolling out nationally this September - mostly in areas hardest hit by the pandemic.

They join Beavers (6-8), Cubs (8-10), Scouts (10-14), Explorers (14-18) and Network (18-25).

The 2nd Spilsby Scout Group have launched a new group - the Squirrels.

2nd Spilsby has traditionally offered scouting for children from age six to 14, but can now offer activities and adventures from the age of just four years old.

Each squirrel section is called a drey and together every Monday, they will get to master new skills, make new friends, and explore the world around them.

On Monday, September 6, the first intake of children arrived with their parents, who had been actively encouraged to come along and stay with their child to see what sessions were like.

The children were taught their welcome song followed by a story all about fruit.

Squirrels get busy making fruit kebabs.

Together with their parents they all had the chance to make fruit kebabs which was, of course, followed by eating their creations.

The evening was rounded up with a game ran by the group’s young leaders and it was soon time to sing the goodbye song.

Group Scout Leader Gemma Holland said: "We were delighted to have been given approval to open a squirrels drey here at 2nd Spilsby.

"Together with the support of our brand new leader team, we can now offer the opportunity of new experiences, life skills and friendship to even younger local children.

When they had made their kebabs the best bit was they got to eat them.

"Some of our intake are younger sisters or brothers of existing beavers, cubs or scouts however we have welcomed some children and their families that are brand new to scouting altogether.

“We hope together with the four week challenge, that we can encourage more leaders and helpers to join our team at 2nd Spilsby, which will then in turn open up more spaces for more children."

Sessions will run on Monday evenings during term time from 5.15pm to 6.15pm, although the starter sessions are slightly shorter until everyone settles in.

A second intake of children is due on Monday, September 27, having been split to give the new leaders a chance to settle in themselves.

The 2nd Spilsby Scout Group have launched a new group for four and five-year-olds called the Squirrels.

To find out about the 2nd Spilsby Squirrel Section, email Gemma on [email protected], phone 07540 105 701 or visit to find out more!