Five-year-old twins do their bit to raise cash for Children In Need

Two young siblings took it upon themselves to raise funds for Children In Need - with a cycling challenge which raised almost £100.

Reuben and Florence, pictured taking their sponsorship money to their school.

Jodie Etherington, from Saltfleet, told the Leader that her five-year-old twin children, Reuben and Florence, decided to cycle around their house 50 times while wearing their spotty ‘Children In Need’ t-shirts.

Jodie explained that her children’s school was closed on Children In Need day (November 13) due to a Covid-related precaution, meaning the twins were stuck at home rather than enjoying a non-uniform day, but they decided they still wanted to raise some money for charity,

Jodie filmed the challenge and sent the video to friends and family members, who sponsored the twins’ efforts.

Jodie said: “They raised £90 for Children In Need, and they handed it in for their rescheduled spotty day at school (on November 20)!

“They were very proud, and the school (Marshchapel Infants) was very thrilled!”