Floods leave more than 450 horses at risk at Lincolnshire equine charity

After a month’s worth of rain fell in 24 hours and with more rain still to come towns, houses and businesses have been affected by floods including Bransby Horses which has seen more than 450 horses, donkeys, ponies and mules, at risk.
Horses at risk after floodsHorses at risk after floods
Horses at risk after floods

Lincolnshire had twice the average rainfall in September, two and a half times the average rainfall in October, and all of November’s annual rainfall in the first half of this month.

So far this month the Environment Agency has received reports of 25 flooded properties in Scotter and the drain valves which serve to help keep rising waters of Bransby at bay, were closed as advised by the Environment Agency, to prevent the further flooding of Lincoln.

Jo Snell, Chief Executive of Bransby Horses, said: “We’re in crisis conditions which will have significant long term effect on our charity, staff and equine residents for months, perhaps for even years to come. The current conditions are not sustainable for keeping our animals and staff safe, which of course is and always will be our priority.

“The floods have in parts brought and spread human sewage onto our site, and this, combined with more than four foot of water in places, means the land which our animals graze on is fast becoming unsafe.”

A spokesman from The Environment Agency in Lincolnshire said: “The Environment Agency has been constantly monitoring, warning and informing, pumping water as well as teams on the ground dealing with blockages and other debris clearing needs around the clock over the last week.

“Following a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours constant work alongside councils, police and fire service has taken place to protect the people and properties of the East Midlands.

“While there has been many successes of flood storage areas working well to reduce the amount of water hitting downstream areas, pumping stations and pumping teams diverting water and natural flood management schemes slowing the flow of water.

“Unfortunately with the ground completely saturated and more heavy rain forecast for the area, there is a high probability that more people and businesses will be affected in the coming weeks and possibly months.”

A spokesman from Lincolnshire County Council said: “Since November 7, we have started 30 unique Section 19 flood investigations.

“It is important to highlight that some of these investigations will involve multiple properties.”