Fun new podcast delves deep into the opinions of well-known people around Boston

A new YouTube podcast is taking a positive look at the likes and loves of well-known people connected to Boston.
Mark Baker on one of his R-Amazing podcasts.Mark Baker on one of his R-Amazing podcasts.
Mark Baker on one of his R-Amazing podcasts.

The ‘R-Amazing!’ podcast is the brainchild of local resident and author Mark Baker, who asks his guests to pick their favourite things across five subjects.

So far, Mark has interviewed six guests, including MP Matt Warman and local historian Jane Keightley.

Mr Baker, who is also an author of several children’s books, said the podcast is inspired by the format of BBC Radio Four’s ‘Desert Island Discs’.

He explains: "Each week the R Amazing! podcast interviews a different person from Boston, Lincolnshire, to discover their opinion on the most amazing person, object, animal, quote, book and then concludes with the guest’s opinion on the most amazing thing ever.”

Some of the answers given by his guests may surprise the listeners – with MP Matt Warman’s favourite ‘object’ revealed to be cheese, before he throws another curveball with his choice of animal.

Another guest chooses the ‘Antikythera Mechanism' as their favourite object. This is a mysterious ancient Greek metal object which was found in a shipwreck and is thought to be the first analogue computer with the power to predict astronomical alignments.

“There is so much around us that we 'forget' to appreciate because it seems just so normal,” said Mr Baker. “But, by stopping and listening to another person's view on what they find amazing can encourage us to once again become intrigued by the ordinary, every day.

“The type of guests I would like to have on the podcast are those who are (or have been) involved in the community. People like local volunteers, leaders of groups, religious officials, elected officials, bands, entertainers as well as people like teachers, police officers, nurses, and doctors.

"The hope is that the podcast can then become an opportunity to share amazing things that are going on in the community as well as enable us to get to know the people of the community in which we live. Hopefully, the podcast can also help us become more united and see some good things during a tough time.”

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