Gainsborough Anti Bullying Ambassador visited Prime Minsiter to promote new campaign

A Gainsborough Academy student was invited to Downing Street to continue her work as an Anti Bullying Ambassador.

Jessica Nicholas, 15, went down to London to meet the other members of The National Princess Diana Youth Board who are launching a new campaign, ‘Don’t Face It Alone’.

Jessica joined the The National Princess Diana Youth Board in 2019 after her own experiences of being bullying inspired her to want to help others.

The youth board is made up of young people from across England who are passionate about tackling bullying behaviou with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

Jessica Nicholas (third from left) outside 10 Downing Street

Jessica said: “We went to meet the Prime Minister and other people to raise our concern about bullying and tell him a little bit about the campaign and why it should be promoted.

“We also went to show people how passionate we are about being heard and encouraging others who are going through this alone to do the same.

"I was given the opportunity to go to this event because staff at the Diana Youth Board knew I was passionate about getting others to speak up about their experiences as I wish I did the same sooner.

"I wanted to make a difference and give the people who need it a push in the right direction.

"It was absolutely brilliant and it was an amazing opportunity, I met new people and had lots of fun.

"We were briefed about the event and what to expect and what questions they will be asking and we got to know each other more and then we went to 10 Downing Street where we were got introduced to more people.

"We then met Boris Johnson and spoke to him about the campaign and what we are doing to support it.”

Joanna Phillips, assistant principal and careers lead at The Gainsborough Academy said: “Since initial training in 2019 Jessica has taken a lead role in the work of the Princess Diana Anti Bullying Ambassadors.

"She has produced promotional material for the academy, presented at assemblies and worked tirelessly both in school and virtually promoting anti bullying work. We are immensely proud of Jessica and wish her the very best in her future career.”