Gainsborough community support for World Mental Health Day

The Gainsborough community came together to help raise awareness and support on World Mental Health Day including promoting the importance of exercise.

On Friday, October 8, staff at Tesco in Gainsborough took part in a 12-hour spin bike challenge.

Arranged by Angela Goodman, from Tesco, staff kept the bike pedals spinning from 9am to 9pm and helped raise £522.83 for Be The Difference, a charity based in Gainsborough which supports the mental health of the community.

Claire Bingham, from Be The Difference, said: “The spin bike was kindly loaned by The Studio, Gainsborough, whose motto is 'wellbeing through fitness'.

Bill and Kate Rodgers had their long hair cut off by their two sons at the event

"All the instructors were keen to promote the benefits of exercise and provided free class flyers to all customers, both adults and children, encouraging them to come along and see the benefits for themselves.

“Exercise is so often overlooked, but the benefits are huge and should actually be prescribed before medication or treatment, for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression or stress according to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence which GPs should follow.

"When you exercise your body produces endorphins which have the same effect on the brain as antidepressants and helps to instantly lift your mood.

"The benefits are even greater in a class environment as it provides an instant support network and helps you to stay more motivated.

"Be The Difference is keen to raise awareness and as a charity they can fund exercise therapy along with counselling sessions, which run alongside their wellbeing groups.

"Unfortunately there are no grants available for counselling as it is considered non-essential, despite the NHS waiting list currently being around nine months long.

"When someone needs help, you need it instantly and this is what we provide but we cannot do it without the generosity of our local community, fundraisers and events."

For more information about Be The Difference visit or the Facebook page.

And Gainsborough Trinity Foundation and Stepping Stone Theatre hosted ‘Shout Out – Stop the Stigma, Stop the Silence’ at Roses Sports ground.

Visitors to the event were able to visit stalls featuring many mental health organisations from in and around Gainsborough as well as enjoy entertainment and demonstrations, including laughter-cize with Kate Hull Rodgers and yoga with Liz Clews.

And to end the event Bill Rodger and Kate Hull Rodgers both had their long hair cut which will be donated to the Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs for children going through cancer treatments as well as helping to raise funds for Stepping Stone Theatre.

Bill, artistic director of Stepping Stone Theatre, said: “We wanted to share the positive side of mental health, we wanted to have a celebration.

"The smiles on everyone’s faces showed we did just that.

“You can guarantee we will be back next year.”