Gainsborough MP calls for Human Rights protections to be repealed to deport immigrants easier

Gainsborough's MP has called for a number of Human Rights protections to be repealed in order to make deportation of immigrants easier, as he hit out at the use of a “luxurious” Grantham hotel to house Afghan asylum seekers.

Sir Edward Leigh has called for a number of Human Rights protections to be repealed
Sir Edward Leigh has called for a number of Human Rights protections to be repealed

During a debate in parliament on Asylum Seekers Accommodation and Safeguarding Conservative Sir Edward Leigh, MP for Gainsborough, called the situation a “farce”.

He said: “There were recent reports that illegal migrants were being put up in a luxury rural hotel—a former stately home near Grantham—that normally charges £400 a night,” he said, referring to Stoke Rochford Hall.

“Surely the easier and quicker that we make this whole process, the more people will come, especially since it is a complete pushover.”

He alleged that a large number of “young Albanian men” were claiming modern slavery adding “which is ridiculous”.

He said: “Will the Minister confirm that the solution is to repeal the Human Rights Act, get out of the European refugee convention and repeal the Modern Slavery Act 2015, so that people can be detained when they arrive for being involved in an illegal activity and then deported?”

Home Office Minister and Conservative Newark MP Robert Jenrick said he too was “disturbed” by images of Stoke Rochford Hall Hotel.

“[It] is a luxurious setting and not the kind of hotel in which we want to see individuals being accommodated,” he told the MP.

“We want to see decent but commonsensical treatment that does not create a further pull factor to the UK.”

He said a review would take place into whether further changes were required but added: “We start from the basic principle that treaties that the UK Government have entered into must work in the best interests of the British people.”

Other MPs during the debate, including Nottinghamshire Conservative Nottinghamshire MP Lee Anderson, said the government should “grow a backbone” to send illegal immigrants “straight back the next day”.

On Monday, November 7, South Kesteven District Council confirmed it is working with the Grantham Hotel to ensure asylum seekers being housed there are safe after reports that concerns were raised during a recent inspection.