Gainsborough mum launches range of comfortable breastfeeding clothing

After having her second baby during the coronavirus lockdown a Gainsborough mum decided to launch her own range of comfortable clothing to help with breastfeeding in public.

Amy Eastwood, 31, wanted to create a clothing brand that made getting dressed easier after struggling to find clothes that enabled her to discreetly breastfeed as new mums are now able to start enjoying time at playgroups and cafes.

Her company Frances Rose offers comfortable capsule wardrobe pieces complete with built in layers for easy, discreet breastfeeding wherever you are.

They work from maternity sizing so you don’t have to worry about figuring out what size you are postnatal, and they’re designed in a way that will accommodate and flatter both smaller and larger breasts.

Amy Eastwood and her two children

Amy said: “As a busy mum, I want to be able to pull one thing out of my wardrobe and know that it will be comfortable and functional.

"I don’t keep up with the washing enough to be layering t-shirts and dresses and faffing around with covers, which I usually forget.

"I want clothing that makes it easier to get up and get out the door, a task that is all too tim consuming already and I know that other mums want this too.

“I wanted clothing that wasn’t made for a big maternity belly, was comfortable enough for me to run, crawl and climb after my toddler, and felt more related to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.”

Frances Rose has postnatal mums in mind as breastfeeding clothes usually have the dual-purpose of being maternity wear.

Amy said: “Most mums don’t want to be wearing clothing that’s designed to accommodate a big pregnancy belly and the feedback that we’ve had confirms this.

"We’ve started with a few items to gauge people’s interest and the feedback that we’ve had is brilliant.

"Mums are messaging me to tell me they love their new clothes and they’ve helped them feel confident, not just with breastfeeding in public but with their new bodies too.

"We’ve got some new lines coming out shortly so please follow us on social media to stay in touch.”

For more information about Frances Rose follow them @francesrosebreastfeeding on Facebook and Instagram.