Gainsborough nurse formed inappropriate relationship with patient before intimidating them to keep quiet

A Lincolnshire nurse has been struck off after forming an inappropriate relationship with a patient, and then intimidating them to keep it quiet.

Amanda Taylor-Bradley, a community psychiatric nurse with the Gainsborough mental health team, was found unfit to practice.

She disclosed private information about her colleagues and other patients, and went to kickboxing classes together.

She warned the patient to stay quiet about their relationship – threatening to “use your mental health against you” if anyone found out.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council held a hearing

The Nursing and Midwifery Council heard that she abused her position with an extremely vulnerable service user, causing damage to their health.

Mrs Taylor-Bradley began working with the service user, who had borderline personality disorder and an eating disorder, in September 2018.

They soon began speaking most days, often meeting at their homes, going shopping and getting coffee together.

They also took up kickboxing classes twice a week, and went to a netball group together once.

Mrs Taylor-Bradley was aware she had crossed professional boundaries, telling the user: “If anyone found out we were friends, I would be in trouble”.

On another occasion, she intimidated them into saying silent.

She also passed on confidential information about at least five colleagues and another patient.

Disciplinary action was launched by the Trust, but Mrs Taylor-Bradley resigned before this could take place.

All allegations were found to be proven except for a text message the nurse had allegedly sent, which hadn’t been shown to the panel.

The NMC said that Mrs Taylor-Bradley hadn’t shown any insight into her misconduct, and there was the risk that she would repeat it if allowed to continue practising.

A striking-off order has been issued.

A spokesperson for the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “On concerns being raised, we immediately took appropriate action in line with our trust policies and procedures, while also ensuring we provided support where required – including to those who raised the concerns.”