Gainsborough residents are being invited to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees

Residents of Gainsborough and West Lindsey are being encouraged to step forward with an offer of accommodation and help in supporting the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees into the county.

As the first stages get underway in connecting would-be hosts with Ukrainian refugees seeking sanctuary in the UK, everyone seeking to offer help and assistance is asked to be patient as more detail on the resettlement process emerges.

While it is not clear how many Lincolnshire residents have answered the call to freely offer up accommodation to house those fleeing from their war-torn country, it is known that there has been a generous expression of support and goodwill.

Nationally more than 120,000 people registered within the first 24 hours of the Homes of Ukraine appeal going live and more registrations can still be made at

Residents are invited to open their homes to Ukrainian refugeesResidents are invited to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees
Residents are invited to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees

On Friday, March 18, the Visa application process has opened for people who know an individual or family with whom they wish to connect.

This is for the hosts or the refugees to identify their named connection and begin the process of being matched; in anticipation of securing a resettlement link and undergoing various police, safeguarding, health and safety and property checks.

As more information and guidance emerges, it is not yet known when the subsequent process for people who do not have an identified person in mind as host or guest will begin.

In the meantime the network of Lincolnshire councils, police, public bodies and charitable and community organisations working up Lincolnshire’s welcome is continuing to put everything in place, in readiness for the arrivals.

A further process through which UK or Ukrainian nationals living in the UK who have direct family connections can reach out to offer refuge in their homes is in place.

As the refugees arrive and settle in Lincolnshire, there is a network in place to ensure connections are made for all the advice and support they need, as well as statutory services such as healthcare, education, benefits and council services.

This is operated through the county-wide Wellbeing Lincs service.