Gainsborough school girl takes the plunge to raise money for homeless charity

A Gainsborough school girl spent her summer holidays helping to raise more than £600 to help the homeless by swimming more than 10,000 metres.

Amelia Pitman, nine, is a pupil at Francis Olive Anderson Primary School in Lea and swims for the Gainsborough Dolphins.

And at the start of her summer school holidays Amelia set herself the challenge of swimming 10,000m, which equals 400 lengths at her swimming baths.

Nicola Devine, Amelia’s mum, said: “At the beginning of the summer holidays Amelia asked me if I could go and empty her savings from her bank account and buy lots of food and blankets for people who have nowhere to live and no food.

Amelia Pitman, nine, swam more than 600 lengths during her school holiday to raise money for charity

"I suggested she do something to raise money instead and she went off to think about it and came back and said she wanted to do a sponsored swim.

"She loves swimming and really missed it during lockdown. She is always in the water whenever she can.

"She decided, randomly, on 400 lengths (10,000m) and said she would use her summer holidays to swim them.

"She was so excited and we set up a Just Giving page there and then, which she has monitored and sent thank you messages to everyone who has donated by herself.

"She reached her target of 400 lengths with two weeks left of the holidays, so 400 became 500 and then 600. She finished on 603 lengths.

"She has now raised a total of £630 so far.”

Amelia said: “'I really love swimming and I’m really happy because I have raised £650 and this is going to really help people who need it.

“I want to say a super thank you to everyone who has donated to my sponsored swim. My target was £100 but we have raised so much more.”

Amelia wants to give the money she has raised to the Salvation Army in Gainsborough.

Nicola said: “We couldn’t be more proud, she is such a thoughtful little girl, always helping others and to think of something like this at nine-years-old is very special.

If you would like to make a donation visit