Gainsborough students celebrate their GCSE success

It was another day for celebration as Gainsborough students received their GCSE results after another turbulent year of studies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government directed that, this academic year, teachers should assess and award grades based on previous exam questions, with assessment papers being set, marked and moderated by teaching staff.

And students at The Gainsborough Academy (TGA) and Queen Elizabeth’s High School (QEHS) rose to the challenge.

Anna Leng, headteacher at TGA, said: “I am incredibly proud of yet another successful year of results at TGA and that the students despite all the ongoing national issues have committed to achieving their very best.

Students at The Gainsborough Academy with their GCSE results

"I wish the school every success moving forward and I am excited to see the next chapter in its journey.”

Student Jessica Nicholas said: “Despite all of the complications these past few years have given me, I have flourished and grown to be the confident and passionate person I am to this date.

"I am so happy that I have got the results I have received and I am looking forward to my next steps of success and having my friends and family here to guide and support me every step of the way.”

And Tori Purchase, who is going to John Leggott college to study A Levels in maths, English, history and childcare, said: “The pandemic made things different this year, but regardless I could not be happier.

"Before opening the envelope, I had a basic idea of the numbers that would be on that piece of paper, needless to say, I was amazed. Now I am looking forward to the next step.”

Rick Eastham, headteacher at QEHS, said: “This has been an unprecedented and challenging year for everyone. It is, therefore, with immense pride that I am able to congratulate our school community on meeting the challenge head-on.

"A true sense of determination, together with adaptability and resilience has ensured these results bear testament to the incredible efforts of the students and staff at QEHS. Yet again we have excelled.

"These GCSE results were achieved under strenuous testing conditions and, typically, students approached their assessments with the same rigour and diligence as they would have applied to public examinations and staff were equally thorough in their marking, moderation and grading.

"By working in partnership, students, staff and parents have ensured a supportive approach has been adopted at all times in order to maximise both attainment and progress at Key Stage 4.

"Overcoming the pressures and stresses associated with GCSE studies is never straight forward at the best of times, so for everyone to pull together in the way the QEHS community has done this year should fill each and every one of us with a real sense of pride.

"My personal thanks, therefore, are extended to all colleagues and parents for the support you have given to our students.

"We have some of the very best students in the country achieving amazing results here at QEHS and we should all celebrate their achievements with them.

"I would like to congratulate all of our Year 11 students who have worked so hard over the past two years.

"At QEHS we pride ourselves in providing all students with a holistic educational experience to ensure they continue to develop and blossom as well-rounded, highly capable and confident young people.

"Their highly commendable results will put them in a very strong position to forge ahead with their ongoing education and drive them on towards their future career aspirations.

"Very well done and good luck with your post-16 studies come September.”