GALLERY: Be afraid! Fear Island opens on coast - and zombies want your face!

"Oh, I love your face! I want to tear it off and sew it onto mine...”

A zombie invasion is turning Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells into Fear Island for Halloween and Lincolnshire World was dared to go along to find out more

The coastal skies were blood red when we arrived in darkness and headed to the Circus of Screams Big Top to join the rest of the guests.

Creators of the jaw-dropping attrations are good – but even they admitted the eerie sunset was fabulous but not in their control.

This year Fantasy Island teamed up with locally based Gary Starr Creatives, of Neverland Theatre, to create new blood-curdling attractions.

There are five new scare mazes, plus the return of Circus of Screams and a spooktacular fireworks display finale.

We caight up with Gary Starr at the VIP launch on Friday. He told us:“It’s been very exciting. We were asked to take over Fear Island this year and build it with new concepts and new scare attractions – something for the family and something a bit more adult. There’s loads going on.

"Halloween has become our favourite time of the year and the opportunity to work with such an inspiring global company is truly an honour.

“Be very afraid!”

Lincolnshire World visited The Outpost, Ghostly Tales in the Crypt and Circus of Screams and have to applaud commitment to character of this year’s actors.

If you dare, you’ll be transported to the eerie depths of the park, crawl through tunnels in darkness and be held in the gaze of zombies wanting a face-off. And, if you survive that, be amazed by the talent of Wonder Circus performers swopping glamour to be spiders and skeletons in Circus of Screams.

Among this year’s attractions are:

The Ravenous (High Scare Factor)

Journey into the depths of a secluded cabin and uncouer the dark and disturbing secrets of a family consumed by an insatiable hunger. Escape the clutches of the family asthey insist on hauing you for dinner.

The Outpost (High Scare Factor)

Enter a post-apocalyptic world ouerrun by hordes of the undead. Nauigate through a decaying medical military facility, battling relentless zombies to escape to the safety of the city.

Psycho Mansion (High Scare Factor)

Step inside the infamous mansion that mysteriously uanished and reappeared with a uengeance. Nauigate through multiple floors of murderous mayhem as animatronic scares and liue-action psychopaths unleash their sadistic desires.

Ghostly Tales in the Crypt (Mild) Scare Factor)

Embark on an exciting Halloween aduenture with theCrypt Keeper as your guide. Explore a maze beneath Fear Island Church filled with spooky goings­ on, encounter friendly ghosts, and experience mild scares.

Toucan Tours - The Temple of Gloom (Very Mild Scare Factor)

Take a leisurely monorail ride through a mystical temple filled with comedy spooks and ghouls from ancient ciuilizations. Enjoy a family-friendly scare attraction combining humour, aduenture, and mild scares.

Circus of Screams

A family friendly Halloween themed circus show!

It's fun for the family but comes at a cost, you'll haue lots of laughter but your sanity's lost.

Captain Jack's Liue Show: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Enjoy a thrilling pirate show on the Pyramid stage.

Spooktacular Firework Display

After Sunset fireworks on Saturday, October 28. Location: Island Beach, Fantasy Island

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