Cyclists photographed on the London to Edinburgh to London challenge near Binbrook.Cyclists photographed on the London to Edinburgh to London challenge near Binbrook.
Cyclists photographed on the London to Edinburgh to London challenge near Binbrook.

GALLERY: London to Edinburgh to London challenge comes through Binbrook, Louth, Horncastle and Boston

Cyclists embarking on gruelling cross-country – and back again – challenge passed through our county this week, and you can still cheer them on as they continue.

The London to Edinburgh to London is a cycling challenge which takes place every four years (with a pause last year for the Covid-19 pandemic) and sees riders from all over the world cycling from the capital city of London to Edinburgh and back again, 930 miles in total, with the aim to finish the challenge in 128 hours (just over five days).

The challenge began in London on Sunday (August 7), and over the past couple of days, the 1,550 cyclists from 54 countries have been passing through the Lincolnshire stage of the trip, a scenic view which has seen the riders take in the best of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

After crossing the Humber Bridge, the route takes in the A15 down to Croxton before following the country roads down to Caistor, and from there through Rothwell and Binbrook to Louth to the C16 checkpoint at King Edward VI Grammar School.

After a pitstop for a shower, rest and a hearty meal, the cyclists continued on their way through the Wolds along the scenic roads through Hallington down to Goulceby, then down the A153 through West Ashby and Horncastle.

From there, it was a straight run along the B1183, taking in Scrivelsby, Moorby and Revesby before heading down Old Bolingbroke and Frithville to the next checkpoint at Boston Grammar School.

All of the checkpoints along the 930 mile route are staffed by volunteers, and most of the checkpoints offer shower and sleep facilities, as well as hot and cold meals.

Liam Fitzpatrick, one of the events organisers, said that the cyclists had been coping well with the current heatwave, which has seen an amber extreme weather warning of heat put in place by the Met Office since yesterday (Thursday).

"We’ve seen quite a few people coming out to offer the riders water and ice lollies which is great to see so much support,” he said, “Last time we had it the weather was horrible and wet and the riders from abroad struggled with it, but this year they’re fine with the hot weather as they’re used to it.”

There are many cyclists taking on the return leg of the route and coming through Lincolnshire today, and you can show you support by keeping an eye out for them as they pass through your area.

You can monitor the cyclists’ progress by following the online rider tracker here.