All of those pigs in blankets were heaven for these pooches. Roy Lawson with his dog, Tommy, and Teresa Woodland with her dog, Monty, enjoying the feast.

GALLERY: Skegness Standard's Big Christmas Feast at Storehouse in Skegness

A Big Christmas Feast has spread some festive cheer for the elderly and vulnerable in Skegness.

The annual Skegness Standard event was hosted by the Lunch Box 5000 team at the Storehouse with massive support from local businesses and supermarkets, organisations including the Rotary Club of Skegness and charities, including Buckingham Emergency Foods.

It was one of two Skegness Standard events taking place yesterday (Wednesday), the other being hosted by Wainfleet Methodist Church.

This is the ninth year that the Skegness Standard newspaper company has sponsored festive meals around our different publications.

*For the full story and more pictures, see next week's Skegness Standard.

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