Taj Bola - excited to be opening the Ice Experience at The Hive in Skegness.Taj Bola - excited to be opening the Ice Experience at The Hive in Skegness.
Taj Bola - excited to be opening the Ice Experience at The Hive in Skegness.

GALLERY: Take a tour of the new Ice Experience in Skegness opening this weekend

The coolest attraction in the UK is finally opening in Skegness and, offering a temperature of -10C after this week’s heatwave, everyone lucky enough to have had a sneak peek is loving it.

Champagne was flowing at a launch event ahead of the weekend’s official opening of the new £1 million Ice Experience in The Hive complex, with VIP guests welcomed in another bar that raised a lot of interest when a Lamborghini car was hoisted into it.

The team behind The Hive owner Taj Bola knows how to create great Instagram moments and, as if sitting in a Lamborghinis wasn’t enough, we were promised many more – even though, as Coun Dick Edginton quipped, wearing a quilted poncho with a hood might not have been everyone’s best look.

Billed as the only ice bar in the UK, there is nothing like it in Europe – or even the world – according to Mr Bola, because it is a themed experience.

“We’re thrilled to throw our doors open at last on this experience as we did have to hold it back slightly thanks to the pandemic," Mr Bola said.

"However, we wanted to deliver the concept in full with nothing held back so the experience was as memorable and remarkable as possible.

“Bringing together from around the world a stellar team of creatives, designers and technicians, we feel we’ve done that

and that it was well worth the wait, so we hope our visitors will have a great time with us as a result.”

Guests taking the plunge into this freshly chiselled experience are directed to the check-in area in the heated Avalanche bar, where they received a Ski Expedition Pass, drink tokens, picture key ring token and Thermal poncho and gloves.

The ski themed departure lounge features lots of opportunities for pictures – such as in a lift, sat in an igloo, holding skis or even sat on a polar bear’s knee.

After enjoying a first drink, things take an eerie turn with unexpected hazards predicted and warnings of a blizzard and avalanche.

Guests are then encouraged to flee the terrifying terrain via an old mine shaft leading to the Ice Bar; the centrepiece of the adventure, where the ice is real and the temperature drops dramatically.

Here we are encouraged to explore the mine shaft, admire the ice sculptures and meet the monster that had been captured in there, before relaxing awhile and enjoy a second drink

Among the guests including local councillors and representatives of businesses was Bob Walker, chairman of the Skegness Area Business Chamber.

“Wow wow wow – what a great experience!” he said. “I was taken aback that such a fantastic new experience can be found in Skegness and big thanks to Taj Bola for bringing such an investment to our town.

“I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to all ages to add to their must do activities when they visit Skegness.”

To celebrate the opening of the Ice Experience Skegness on Saturday, there will be Ice Sculpting taking place outside The Hive and Hildreds Shopping Centre around 11am.

To find out more about the Ice Experience Skegness and book a visit go to www.iceexperienceskegness.co.uk

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