Get involved with an international project - from your sofa!

Although the usual SO Festival won’t be taking place this year, there is still an opportunity for residents to participate in some international creativity.

Envelope/Brev (©Vessel Projects)

A new local partnership, Vessel Projects, has launched an international envelope exchange between the Lincolnshire coast and Helsingør in Denmark as part of the digital SOfa Fest event being presented by Magna Vitae alongside Passage Festival in Denmark at the end of this month.

The project, ENVELOPE/BREV (‘brev’ is Danish for letter) invites people to create a personal memory map of their experience of lockdown, noting the places, people and experiences that became your world over the past few months.

The idea is inspired by the Air Mail letters that people used to send, where the letter was also the envelope.

Your map can be as simple or as detailed as you like, it can sketch out your journey from the sofa to the kettle, 
the walk you’ve taken for daily exercise or the places or people that you miss. It can be made in biro, pencil or you can get really creative, as long as the envelope stays flat.

To take part in the ENVELOPE/BREV project, visit and download the activity pack. Cut out your envelope, create your map, then post it to the address on the front by Sunday, August 2.

Anyone, of any age, can take part. You can make one on your own or a joint one with your family.

It only costs the price of a UK stamp, and Vessel Projects will do the rest.

Find out more by searching for @vesselprojects on Facebook and Twitter (or @_vesselprojects on Instagram and look forward to receiving your exchange envelope in the post!

The ENVELOPE/BREV project has been commissioned by SOfa Fest 2020, part of SO Festival which is supported by Arts Council England, East Lindsey District Council, Passage Festival, Helsingør Teater and Without Walls. Visit and