Ghost hunt at Gainsborough's Trinity Arts Centre to air on TV

Gainsborough’s Trinity Arts Centre will take centre stage in an episode of the new series of TV show ‘Help! My House is Haunted’.

The Grade-II listed building attracted a lot of attention following a feature highlighting some ‘spooky’ CCTV footage at the centre last Hallowe’en.

Film crews were eager to experience the paranormal activity for themselves and captured a special ghost hunt from the venue.

The show will be broadcast on the Really Channel on Friday (December 10).

Lisa Hickman, box office and admin manager at Trinity Arts Centre says it is a ‘must see’ programme .

She said: “I managed to watch the show when it was first aired on the Discovery Channel earlier this year but now audiences will get a second chance to watch it on the Really Channel.

“I am so excited for people to see the show as this was the one and only time we have had an actual TV company here at Trinity.

"I know it was about the ‘hauntings’ and not the theatre but it has attracted so much interest.

“People can see the inside of Trinity and find out some actually really interesting history about the place, some of which I didn’t know and I’ve worked here forever.”

Trinity Arts Centre, formally Church of Holy Trinity, was built in 1841-43 to serve the growing population of Gainsborough.

After a lot of fundraising and hard work to get Trinity off the ground, it was then converted into an arts centre and was officially opened by Princess Anne in 1984.

Since residents of Gainsborough can remember, there has been many occasions of things going ‘bump in the night’, un-explainable occurrences and moments which leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. All things which attracted the TV film crew to inspect further.

Lisa has experienced some paranormal activities herself at the arts centre, where she has worked for 24 years

She said: “We’ve had numerous ghost hunts here at Trinity Arts Centre, and they’ve never disappointed.“

On a lighter note, you can also visit and experience the Trinity Arts Centre for yourself this Christmas to watch the panto Aladdin. To book visit​​​​​​

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