Going green at WI House

WI House in Horncastle's Banks Street, the headquarters of the Lincolnshire North Federation, took part in Green Heart Day.
Gree heart day at WI House EMN-160802-080302001Gree heart day at WI House EMN-160802-080302001
Gree heart day at WI House EMN-160802-080302001

The national event aims to raise awareness of environmental issues by giving people the chance to talk about climate change and renewable energy.

“I was disappointed that the two MPs I contacted did not reply to our invitation, but we will be sending them a report,” said federation chairman Chris Morgan, who is spearheading a campaign to encourage everyone to plant a tree for climate change.

“This is something anyone can do, whatever the size of their garden,” she said. “You can even plant a small tree in a tub.

“If it is something with berries, it will feed the birds at the same time.”

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