Green Dog Scheme to combat messy streets

Market Rasen councillors are spearheading a campaign to tackle dog fouling in the town.

Green Dog Scheme
Green Dog Scheme

They are planning to sign up to the Green Dog Walkers Scheme - a non confrontational project that brings about a change in behaviour by the modelling of good behaviour.

Coun Jo Pilley, who is leading the proposal , said: “I don’t have a dog myself, but I am not anti-dog, but dog mess is an issue.

“It’s all about setting a good example.

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“The town council is the obvious organisation to engage the public in this initiative.

“We can produce ‘welcome’ information packs to encourage responsible dog ownership and a sense of pride in the area, whilst at the same time improving the local environment for everyone.

“We can encourage children to take part and help them understand how to look after their pets properly, including making sure they do not foul the pavements.

“This initiative could run in tandem with the dog warden scheme currently under consideration, and would result in a robust effort against the problem.”

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Fellow councillor Stephen Bunney, who is also ward member West Lindsey District Council is keen to see a scheme implemented across the whole area.

Last week, along with his fellow councillors, he was out in the town clearing dog mess from some of the ‘notorious’ areas.

Coun Bunney said: “Dog fouling is a perennial problem.

“It is not only unpleasant and unsightly, but a risk to the environment, wellbeing and health as well.”

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Owners who pledge to be a ‘Green Dog Walker’ wear a green ribbon/armband/badge to show they always clean up after their pets and dispose of the bag responsibly.

The ribbon etc also lets other dog walkers know they carry spare bags and are happy to supply one if someone’s pet is ‘caught short’.

At Monday’s West Lindsey Council meeting, unanimous cross-party support was given to a motion on dog fouling.

The motion asked for the scale of the problem across the whole district to be assessed and initiatives, including the Green Dog Walker scheme, be investigated, and then a suitable scheme put in to place.

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Proposing the motion, Coun Anne Welburn concluded: “Not clearing up after their pets is anti-social behaviour that the council does not tolerate.”

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