High Sheriff award for mum

After creating an incredible public space following the death of her daughter, a Manby mum has been presented with a High Sheriff award.
Hayley Hodson and Claire Birch, High sheriff EMN-220221-075114001Hayley Hodson and Claire Birch, High sheriff EMN-220221-075114001
Hayley Hodson and Claire Birch, High sheriff EMN-220221-075114001

Hayley Hodson created Mimi’s Mission, a registered charity to create community cohesion between the older and younger generations, after her daughter Amelia Wood died in March 2018 after she was hit by a wheel which sheared off an unsafe Land Rover when she was just 11 years old.

Eager to channel her grief into something positive and create a lasting legacy for her daughter, Mimi’s Mission now runs a community cafe, community centre and youth centre.

Claire Birch, Lincolnshire High Sheriff, visited the community space at Manby Business Park on Tuesday to present Hayley with her award. She said that the award is given to people who have done something really special for their community:

“It’s all about finding those unsung heroes and championing people who’ve done amazing things and creating role models, as giving recognition to someone like Hayley will inspire others.

“Several people had told me about Mimi’s Mission and we felt this is a really worthy cause, as Hayley has done an incredible job to create that legacy for Amelia.

“She has done a huge amount for lonely people, giving them a place to go for company, and there is a mix of people there of all ages and you can see the relationship between the kids and older people - it’s wonderful.”

Hayley, who is currently in her third year of studying for a degree in youth work on top of raising her family and running Mimi’s Mission, said that Amelia still plays a huge part in her community:

“When I stop and look around at kids of all ages playing together, it really hits home what we’ve achieved and carrying on Amelia’s name is so important.”

To find out more about Mimi’s Mission, visit www.facebook.com/Mimis.MissionAmeliaWood/

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