Historic Lincolnshire Estate to feature on BBC Countryfile this weekend

South Ormsby Estate in the Lincolnshire Wolds will feature throughout this week’s episode of BBC Countryfile.

South Ormsby Hall. EMN-201117-094802001

South Ormsby Estate in the Lincolnshire Wolds will feature throughout this week’s episode of BBC Countryfile.

The programme will 
explore South Ormsby Estate’s vision to build a sustainable and dynamic rural economy which supports enterprise, conservation and the 

South Ormsby Estate is a 3,000 acre estate with 150 acres of parkland in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

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The estate has ambitious plans for the future, with a focus on creating a sustainable and dynamic rural economy while also restoring and protecting the area’s natural environment

Hosted by Anita Rani, Joe Crowley, Adam Henson and Tom Heap, the episode will also see the presenters explore the local area, celebrating the East Midlands only Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

More than six million people are expected to watch the programme as it’s broadcast on BBC One from 6.25pm on Sunday, November 22, and the programme will also be
available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

South Ormsby Estate will play a central role in the 
programme, which will 
examine the estate’s commitment to sustainability and combating climate change as well as its home-grown 
products, Massingberd-
Mundy Lincoln Red Beef, which is produced from the estate’s rare herd of original population Lincoln Red cattle, and the range of artisan gins produced by Massingberd-Mundy Distillery.

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The episode will also focus on Emma Wright and Keira Rhodes - two young women who are building their skills and gaining business experience at South Ormsby Estate in very different ways.

Emma is working on the estate as a graduate trainee, gaining experience in a wide range of traditional and modern rural skills and enterprises across the estate.

Meanwhile, Keira is developing new products for Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red Beef and following in the footsteps of her ancestors who also worked on the estate.

Named after the family which owned South Ormsby Estate for nearly 400 years, Massingberd-Mundy 
products are closely connected to the heritage and 
history of the South Ormsby Estate and are produced using locally sourced materials.

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Custodian of South Ormsby Estate, Jon Thornes said: “South Ormsby Estate has many amazing stories to tell and so we were honoured to welcome the hosts of BBC Countryfile and share some of those stories with them.

“We’re also proud to be showcasing our corner of the Lincolnshire Wolds to a
 national audience on one of the country’s most loved TV programmes.

“Although we’re proud of the rich history of this estate, we’re focused on the future.

“That’s why we’re working hard to lead the way in creating a sustainable rural economy that will create jobs and livelihoods for generations to come while restoring the natural environment and combating climate change.

“It’s an ambitious goal, but with careful management, the use of organic in place of chemicals, using ancient farming techniques instead of methods which focus on quantity rather than quality, and by making the best use of all our resources and the talents of our local community, we’re making a big difference already.”

BBC Countryfile is a rural affairs programme which has been the UK’s favourite countryside programme since it first aired in 1988.

The official description of Sunday’s episode, Lincolnshire Wolds, reads: “Anita Rani and Joe Crowley are in the Lincolnshire Wolds at historic South Ormsby, which has ambitions to be the finest 
farming estate in the world. They discover the entrepreneurial spirit driving the revival of the local rural economy, including two young women carving out new careers.”

For more information on South Ormsby Estate, visit www.southormsbyestate.co.uk