Horncastle residents - '˜We want more traffic wardens'

Usually, they are about as popular a sight as snow in July.
Traffic wardens would be welcome in two town streets. Picture: stock image.Traffic wardens would be welcome in two town streets. Picture: stock image.
Traffic wardens would be welcome in two town streets. Picture: stock image.

However, fed-up residents have backed a suggestion extra patrols by traffic wardens could help ease the parking misery in two Horncastle streets.

People living in Foundry Street and Queen Street say they are unable to park outside their own homes.

They claim vehicles are often parked on double yellow lines.

Residents say the parking - combined with drivers ignoring ‘access only’ regulations - leads to frustration and safety issues.

They add some vehicles are left all day, because drivers don’t want to pay charges in the town centre.

They also claim that when wardens did patrol their streets, they ‘slapped’ tickets on residents’ cars which had been left on yellow lines because there was ‘nowhere else to park.’

Several residents outlined their concerns at a town council meeting last Tuesday, attended by Richard Davies, the Executive Councillor for Highways at Lincolnshire County Council.

One resident said: “It (Foundry Street) is a cut through - a rat run -because of all the delays on the A153 and A158. It’s dangerous.

“The double yellow lines are not enforced. We have had issues getting out of our own home. Cars park anywhere. Nothing is done... no tickets .

“It’s bad at school leaving time and every weekend.”

Another resident said she had counted more than 20 cars in one 45 minute period driving in and out of Foundry Street - a clear breach of the access only restriction.

Regarding parking, Coun Davies suggested traffic enforcement officers should carry out more patrols, especially at weekends.”

One resident claimed a parking permit system would ease the problem.

Coun Davies said the county council could consider permits but would need to consult all residents and police first.

He warnedpermits would only ‘move’ the parking issue on to neighbouring street and pointed out the scheme would need enforcing - creating a similar issue to the yellow lines .

Coun Davies asked ward county councillor Bill Aron to take up the parking issue with the ‘enforcement team’ at County Hall.

Regarding access restrictions, Coun Davies stressed enforcement was a police matter and suggested asking officers to carry out checks.