Young Farmers’ Club is looking for a fresh crop members

After a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these young farmers are looking for new members to join their ranks.
Horncastle Young Farmers. EMN-210920-120254001Horncastle Young Farmers. EMN-210920-120254001
Horncastle Young Farmers. EMN-210920-120254001

Horncastle Young Farmers Club (YFC) is on the hunt for new members to give the club a kick-start and all young people aged between 10 and 28 are welcome to come along to see what the club is all about.

Club chairman Rosie Finney said: “When covid started we had to stop, but once we got used to the idea of what the “new normal” would be, we held some Zoom meetings and ran online quizzes to keep going, as well as having online talks from local businesses – and even from JCB too.

“We tried to keep going as it was such a difficult time for everyone, but we stuck with it and found our way out, and we’re still going.”

The club runs weekly meetings on Wednesdays at Horncastle Community Centre, and takes part in all sorts of activities, from games of bowling to talks from local charities.

The Young Farmers also compete at county and national level.

Over the next couple of months, the club will have an exciting visit from LIVES to offer first aid training and will be trying their hand at bell ringing, as well as having a go at Morris dancing and a pumpkin carving competition for Halloween.

Rosie said: “You don’t have to be from a farming background to join, as long as you want to come and meet new and like-minded people and try new things, anyone is welcome and we’re a really friendly group.”

To give the club a try and to get a feel for the group, you are invited to come to a new members night on Wednesday October 6, where Horncastle YFC will be opening its doors to the community.

The open evening will run from 7.30pm to 9pm at the community centre, to find out more can contact Rosie on 07879 732648.

Find out more about the Horncastle YFC by visiting their Facebook page at