Horse charity acquires Dear Evan Hansen song rights to highlight work

An equine charity has acquired the song rights to 'You Will Be Found' from smash Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen as part of their Bransby Big Sing project.
Bransby Horses' Big Sing project.Bransby Horses' Big Sing project.
Bransby Horses' Big Sing project.

Tara Stafford-Allen, external welfare officer at Bransby Horses and Musical Director at Lincolnshire Vocal Academy (LVA) set up the Bransby Big Sing project to help promote the work of the charity and bring people together during Lockdown 3.0.

Work on the Bransby Big Sing project started in February 2021 when a group of vocalists met with volunteers from Bransby Horses online. Due to ongoing restrictions, the project continued remotely, with all involved giving up their time to take part in singing lessons and practices via Zoom and Facebook.

Tara encouraged vocal enthusiasts at Bransby Horses, members of the LVA and pupils from Partney Church of England Primary School to get involved in recording the song.

Bransby Horses' Big Sing project.Bransby Horses' Big Sing project.
Bransby Horses' Big Sing project.

In all over 20 performers took part, along with numerous volunteers who helped produce the heart-warming accompanying video, which showcases the transformative effect the charity has on so many equines.

Tara chose 'You Will Be Found', written by The Greatest Showman composers and Oscar winners, Pasek & Paul, because of its emotional lyrics.

She said: “I listened to the lyrics and they resonated with me. In my role as external welfare officer I respond to public concerns about equines reported to be suffering neglect, mistreatment or abandonment – these horses think they’re alone, sometimes they’ve given up, and are in need of a lot of TLC. The song seemed to echo this and describe how the horses must be feeling.

"We’re so grateful to be able to have the rights to use the song until the end of July to promote the rescue and welfare work we do at Bransby Horses over the summer months.”

Partnering with members of Lincolnshire Vocal Academy and pupils from Partney Church of England Primary School brought a sense of community to the project during a time when many felt disconnected for the third time within 12 months.

Mrs Sue Kay, headteacher, said, "It is wonderful to see our Partney children using their talents to support Bransby Horses. This inspirational song and video gives us all hope in humanity to love and care for all of God’s creatures. What better example could we give our children, than that of the dedicated staff who rescue the horses and work tirelessly to give them a better life."

On Sunday (July 11) the participants will finally come together for their first live performance of the song.

Bransby Horses are hopeful the song and video will raise awareness of the importance of equine welfare and the ongoing issues as reported in 2020 by multiple equine welfare charities in their joint Britain’s Horse Problem report.

Those wishing to show their support for this project can make a small donation towards Bransby Horses’ welfare and rescue efforts and can share the video to raise awareness.