Horse relay ride to support charities comes to Bransby Horses

A You Tube and Tik Tok star took part in a fundraising relay horse ride, which is travelling across the country, and Bransby Horses was its latest stop.
Georgia received the baton from Natasha to carry on the next leg of the relayGeorgia received the baton from Natasha to carry on the next leg of the relay
Georgia received the baton from Natasha to carry on the next leg of the relay

Bransby Horses hosted the East Midlands baton exchange of The Great Horses For Health UK Relay between Georgia Kavulok from YouTube and TikTok channel, Lilpetchannel, and Natasha Rhodes from Bransby Horses’ Riding Barn Team.

Natasha rode Diego who is currently undergoing ridden training in the Riding Barn and will be looking for a foster home following successful completion of his training.

Accompanied by new Sponsorship Star, Womble and his best friend Rodney, Georgia received the baton from Natasha to successfully carry on the next leg of the relay which started in Yorkshire in May.

The relay has travelled all throughout Scotland, Ireland and Wales before reaching Lincolnshire, and aims to celebrate how much equines have supported owners during the Covid-19 pandemic while raising vital funds for seven equine charities who have been financially impacted over the last 12 months.

The baton exchange was followed by a Wellness Walk at Bransby Horses to raise money for and a Meet and Greet with Lilpetchannel, which were both received well by visitors.

The Wellness Walk invited visitors of all ages to recognise the importance of their mental health and reflect in the beautiful surroundings of the Lincolnshire countryside.

Georgia said: “It was great to be a part of the baton exchange and highlight the great work all seven charities do to promote equine rescue and welfare.

"I enjoyed meeting the charity’s supporters afterwards but I think Womble, Rodney, Diego and Toby enjoyed it most.”

The relay will continue southwards raising awareness throughout the East of England, ultimately finishing in the South West in early autumn.

The charities along with Bransby Horses, include HorseWorld Trust, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Hope Pastures, HorseBack UK, Riding for the disabled Association and North Wales Horse Watch.

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