Ice sculptures to mark the launch of new attraction in Skegness

Ice sculptures will be placed around Skegness to mark the launch of an exciting new attraction for the town.

The Ice Experience is due to open to the public on Saturday, July 23.
The Ice Experience is due to open to the public on Saturday, July 23.

Final preparations are being made for the launch of the Ice Experience – the only one of its kind in the UK – which is due to open to the public later this month.

Ahead of the big event at the Hive entertainments complex, there will be a special showing of the attraction, where invited guests will be given a tour of the frozen world.

More information has been shared this week on what people can expect.

First stop for visitors within the Ice Experienceis is the ‘heated’ Avalanche bar. However, there is a danger of being lulled into a false sense of security in this Ski-Resort style bar, and visitors will need to watch out as things could take an eerie turn with unexpected hazards and obstacles, including blizzards and a surprise appearance from a ‘local’.

Then they will be encouraged to flee this terrifying terrain by making a swift exit to an impressive Ice Bar; the centrepiece of their adventure, where the ice is real and the temperature drops dramatically as the ‘wow factor’ hits a clear peak.

Cameras will be out to capture the giant ice sculptures in a freeze-frame as the travelers relax awhile and thoroughly chill out in a cool zone with drinks from glasses freshly curated out of ice.

This 20-minute section of the hour-long tour will be enjoyed at a temperature of -5, long enough to bring a clear rosy glow to the cheeks of participants regardless of whether they have chosen an alcoholic or non-alcoholic tipple.

The big opening to the public is on Saturday, July 23 – the day ice sculptures will be created live around Skegness.

A spokesman for the Ice Experience said: “We are so excited about our grand opening week.

"The Ice experience Skegness is within The Hive, the biggest entertainment complex outside of London, and we are the UK’s only ice experience!

“The Hive, located on Skegness’ Grand Parade, is already known for its dynamic buzz.

"It has a choice of 11 uniquely themed venues set over five amazing floors, so the addition of the Ice Experience will add an unmissable, immersive way to escape from reality.”