Icing on top of the cake for Julie after one year in business

A Horncastle woman who turned her hobby into a career is celebrating after one year in business.

Julie Kulezich.
Julie Kulezich.

Julie Kulezich runs Cherry Blossom Cake Designs of Horncastle - baking delicious treats from the comfort of her home.

The idea for her business came around after being asked to make a cake for a charity event.

Julie explained: “Initially I didn’t even think about making cakes as a business.

One of the bespoke designs created by Julie.

“I’ve always made cakes and I work in a nursing home in Lincoln.

“The nursing home asked me to make a cake for a charity event

“After that I got lots of orders and people requesting cakes.

“I took orders from people that I work with, and it was my husband who said to me - you should really do this as a job.

“I started the business in October last year.

“It has grown so quickly, so much so that my full time job as a Senior Administrator is now my part time job - I’ve reduced my hours at the care home just to keep up with demand.

“I am hoping to do my cake business full-time further down the line.”

Julie admits that her passion has always been baking - particularly cakes.

She said: “I absolutely love making cakes and I’ve always been creative.

“I like doing bespoke cakes and I love that the cakes I make are all different and unique.

“I also love that I am a part of someone’s celebration.

“Cake making was more of a hobby to start with and I always said I wasn’t going to set up a Facebook page because I didn’t want to be really busy

“I do limit myself to five cakes a week - I want to make sure that what I am sending out is the best.

“I launched on Facebook and from there it has just gone crazy.

“I’ve got bookings every week until January

“I am amazed at how much the business has taken off.”

After an incredible year, Julie recently received some news which truly put the icing on top of the cake!

Julie said: “I found out in June that I had been nominated for Confectioner or Baker of the Year in the Taste of Excellence Food and Drink Awards.

“In September, I was notified that I had made it through to the final . I don’t even care if I win - I’m just pleased to have been nominated and become a finalist.”

Julie added: “It is nice to get and feel that you are good at something that you enjoy doing.”

To find out more, search for Cherry Blossom Cake Designs of Horncastle on Facebook.