'Inspirational' Boston couple shed nine stone between them in a matter of months

A Boston couple have been hailed as a ‘real inspiration’ after losing nine stone between them in a matter of months.

Keith and Margaret after their weight-loss success.
Keith and Margaret after their weight-loss success.

Keith and Margaret Lewin, both 68, shed the pounds over the course of about six months after becoming members of Slimming World.

They started out with the organisation through a voucher from the One You Lincolnshire website that gave them 12 weeks of sessions for free, joining a group in the town.

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Now, following their weight-loss success, group members have named them as their Couple of the Year for 2022.

Keith and Margaret before their weight loss journey.

Keith, who has lost 5 st and 1lb, said: “When we first joined Slimming World we couldn’t believe how much food we could eat and still lose weight. Making small changes to the way we cooked our meals meant we could still enjoy all of our favourites like chicken tikka masala.”

Margaret, who is now 3st 13lbs lighter, said: “We didn’t think at our age we would be able to lose weight, but we have surprised ourselves with how well we’ve done!”

Before her weight loss, Margaret suffered from knee pain and could not walk to the end of the driveway; now, she can walk comfortably for miles.

“We’re lucky because as well as the support we’ve had from one another, the rest of the group have also been there for us,” she said. “Every week in our group, as well as swapping recipes, if we’ve ever struggled, there has always been someone ready to suggest a new idea or remind us why we shouldn’t give up. I don’t think we have achieved all we have without the support of our consultant Emma (Scarborough) and the rest of the Boston Sportsman on a Thursday group.”

Emma said: “Keith and Margaret are living proof that slimmers are more successful when they lose weight together and get the support and motivation from others along their journey. Seeing Keith and Margaret’s weight come down week after week has been a joy. They’re a real inspiration to the rest of the group including me.”

To find out more about Slimming World, call Emma on 07581 551730 or search for the Boston Slimming World with Emma group on Facebook.