Inspirational slimmer named Man of the Year

Alan Smith's inspiring weight loss journeyAlan Smith's inspiring weight loss journey
Alan Smith's inspiring weight loss journey
After joining a slimming group to support his wife’s weight loss journey, a Market Rasen man has found himself named ‘Man of the Year’.

Alan Smith has lost more than three stone over 20 weeks by following the Slimming World plan and attending the weekly Saturday morning sessions in the New Life Church, run by consultant Sharon Kirk.

Although he began his attendance to support his wife, Alan soon found himself benefiting from the experience. Surprised at the variety of foods he could enjoy while still losing weight, this revelation was a game-changer for Alan, who had always associated dieting with deprivation.

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Alan said: "I've been really surprised with what I can eat. I have also started walking more and also walk at 6am before group on a Saturday morning.”

These early morning walks have not only contributed to his weight loss, but also helped him develop a healthier lifestyle. Before embarking on his Slimming World journey, Alan was prediabetic, which added a sense of urgency to his weight loss efforts.

His transformation has not only helped him shed significant weight, but also improved his overall health. A recent blood test shows that he is now within a healthy range, reducing his risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Sharon said: “Alan’s journey from scepticism to success is an inspiration to all, proving with determination and the right support, anyone can achieve their health and wellness goals.”

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If you would you like to follow in Alan’s footsteps and lose weight with support, guidance and rewards, contact Sharon who leads the Market Rasen Saturday morning group, at 8.30am, in the New Life Church Centre, on 07584 598615 or contact head office on 0344 897 8000.

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