Jubilee Park's £70,000 new boiler bill

A popular village swimming pool has replaced

Jubilee Park has replaced its pool boiler.
Jubilee Park has replaced its pool boiler.

Jubilee Park has to completely replace its boilers and pipework at an estimated cost of around £70,000.

The two current boilers that heat the water for the open air swimming pool- more than 30 years old - have been on borrowed time for several years.

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Keeping them going and the antiquated pipework inherited by Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa Ltd in 2014 has been as much an art as a science.

In recent seasons spare parts have had to be specially made as all components are obsolete.

“We knew this day was coming and have managed to put it off as long as possible, but now one of the boilers is likely to fail completely at any time and the faults are beyond repair, even with our usual ingenuity, ” explained Operations Director Joe Stanhope.

Fortunately the Trustees have been preparing for this expected event and have managed to allocate enough money to cover the costs, though this will mean delaying or cancelling other projects and routine maintenance.

The two large old gas boilers will be replaced with four smaller modern ones which offer a much greater fuel efficiency. In addition the new boiler system has been designed to accommodate

sustainable energy alternatives, such as air source heat pumps and solar panels, as suitable systems become available and budgets allow.

“Like everyone else our fuel costs are set to rocket,” Joe added. “The increased efficiency alone will help keep those costs down.”

It’s hoped that the work can be carried out in stages to avoid having to close the swimming pool or have unacceptable drops in water temperature- normally 29°C.


During Covid many children have not had the opportunity to learn to swim, or even go into a swimming pool. Staff at Jubilee Park have found that some coming to swim with their schools, now normal teaching has resumed, have never ever even been in pool or sea water.

Conseqently a few are very nervous of making this first step and need extra help to get started. To get over this issue, Jubilee Park is offering to subsidise extra lessons for these children.

Parents of youngsters teaching staff identify will be offered the chance to help them catch up at a much reduced rate.

“We are pledged to support the local community in keeping healthy and fit,” said Assistant Manager Rachel Mellors, who organises the park’s highly successful swimming lessons. “We feel this is the best way to help everyone catch up.”

Remember, you can just turn up and swim any afternoon without needing to book.

At this time of year, even in hot weather, weekday afternoons are relatively quiet times to swim.

Full information on Jubilee Park, including timetables, appears on the Jubilee Park website at www.jpws.co.uk.