Lot 4 – Former Festival Pavilion site. This is earmarked within the Skegness Foreshore Masterplan for some form of commercial, landmark development, potentially offering high level views across Skegness.

'Keep off the Fairy Dell' say readers over Skegness foreshore sites

Readers had plenty to say when we revealed the latest East Lindsey District Council plans to attract investors – and they were very clear about not touching the much-loved Fairy Dell paddling pool.

As part of the Skegness Foreshore Masterplan, in addition to Towns Deal projects, developers have been invited to work with the council to shape, grow and expand the resort through the acquisition of a number of sites along the Skegness Foreshore.

The five lots are:

Lot 1 – Skegness chalet site

Lot 2 – Southern Bowling Green

Lot 3 – Southern Boating Lake

Lot 4 – Former Festival Pavilion site

Lot 5 – Pier Field Chalets

We asked readers what they thought and here are a few comments:

Ann Shaw: The Fairy Dell is out of bounds!

Jo Lacey: It best not include the Fairy Dell.

Peter Jones: They need to be very careful in what is changed. Why, if they’re trumpeting Skegness’ success, are they looking to redevelop such a lot of sites?

Chris Biggins: So the previous big plan for Skegness was leaving all the south side including the lake for wildlife. Looks to have gone by the wayside. I seem to remember that plan cost a fortune to produce. Skegness attracts enough visitors now because, quite simply, the roads coming in are abysmal and need revamping before trying to attract more people.

Sally Proudfoot-Thurston: Fingers crossed the new developments are year-round attractions and not seasonal.

Debbie Turner: Terrible idea – ripping Skegness up.

Stephanie Estbury: At least it would tidy these areas up.

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