Kirsty is hoping killer virus will not KO dream

A student nurse from Horncastle still hopes to complete her ‘trip of a lifetime’ - despite concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak.
Kirsty Clamp - needs your help to experience  life as a nurse in the PhilippinesKirsty Clamp - needs your help to experience  life as a nurse in the Philippines
Kirsty Clamp - needs your help to experience life as a nurse in the Philippines

Kirsty Clamp (30) plans to travel to the Philippines in June and July for a five week work placement.

Kirsty will be spending four weeks in a city hospital in Iloilo and a week with a family in a rural area.

She admits she does not know what to expect in either location although she is aware facilities are not as advanced as in the UK.

Kirsty hopes the experience and knowledge she gains will help her achieve her ultimate ‘goal’ of qualifying as an Active Care and A&E nurse.

She has launched a bid to raise up to £3,000 to help cover the cost of the trip.

Only one person is thought to have died from the virus in the Philippines, but the country is worryingly close to China where the outbreak started.

Kirsty said: “It (Coronavirus)is a concern and I just hope it doesn’t stop me from going.

“A lot can happen in the next two or three months, and there are all kinds of precautions in place.

“It is really important to me, but I won’t go if there’s any risk. I don’t think my husband would let me.”

In 2017, Kirsty made a difficult decision to leave a 14-year career in the leisure industry and focus on a new career as a nurse.

She explained: “I successfully passed an access course which helped me gain a place at the University of Lincoln.

“I am now halfway through the second year and have gained valuable skills within our NHS.

“At the end of this academic year, I have the opportunity to take part in a five week elective placement in Iloilo,

“It would be a trip of a lifetime - an amazing opportunity to compare the difference between our NHS and in a developing country with limited resources.

“Hopefully, I will be able to take everything I’ve learnt so far and apply that within different health care settings to what I’m used to.

“I will be working in a busy city hospital and also spending time in an isolated rural area.

“I’ll be living with a family for a week, seeing how their community deals with medical problems with limited access to main hospitals.”

Apart from covering the cost of the trip - with an organisation called ‘Work The World’ - Kirsty also wants to donate basic personal protective equipment like gloves, masks, aprons and wipes to hospitals and villages.

She added: “It’s a small gesture, but one that will make a big difference.”

Kirsty will ‘push herself to the limit’ raising funds. She’s already completed the world’s biggest indoor bungee jump and will be ‘flying’ down a 250ft zip wire at speeds of 30mph.

She plans to climb a giant steel wall before abseiling 150ft. Then, there’s a 150 ft parachute ‘descender’ ... not bad for someone who admi ts she is scared of heights!

Kirsty adds: “My family and friends say I’m mad! The bungee jump was terrifying but fingers crossed, it will be worth it.”

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• If the trip is called off, Kirsty hopes to secure a placement elsewhere.

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