Kirton in Lindsey couple help teach children lifesaving skills

A couple from Kirton in Lindsey are helping teach lifesaving skills to children from as young as three after becoming ‘Mini First Aiders’.

James and Zoe Reddin, who have two daughters, launched their first Mini First Aid class back in 2019 and since then they have expanded to Gainsborough and even as far afield as Lincoln and Doncaster.

Zoe said: “When James and I were growing up, we didn’t learn first aid at school.

"It was something that you only learned if you wanted to be a first aider in the workplace or for certain jobs.

James and Zoe Reddin, centre, teach First Aid to children and parentsJames and Zoe Reddin, centre, teach First Aid to children and parents
James and Zoe Reddin, centre, teach First Aid to children and parents

"We are so pleased that first aid is now on the school curriculum and that we can support local schools and local home education groups by teaching children with our range of interactive children’s first aid classes.

“James and I have always wanted to work for ourselves but knew that it had to be doing something that we both felt passionate about.

“We were talking one evening about what is a worthwhile skill to be able to share with others and James suggested first aid.

"James’ background in the emergency services included working as an instructor teaching first aid and as parents of young children, we both agreed that learning first aid is such an important life skill for both parents and children.”

Mini First Aid was an idea which came from Kate Ball back in 2014 and Kate, along with her husband Matt and their children, pitched the idea on an episode of Dragons’ Den and managed to secure a £50,000 investment from Dragon, Sara Davies.

Zoe said: “We have had a number of parents get in touch after one of our classes to share their first aid experiences including parents whose children have choked.

"With first aid fresh in their mind, they have all reacted quickly and effectively, successfully dislodging the food item.

"This just reinforces to James and I that we made the right decision to start Mini First Aid Lincolnshire North and Doncaster, and why we feel so passionate about training more parents, carers and family members.”

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