Lack of parking in Caistor an ongoing issue

Parking is a perennial problem in many towns and it is one of the main issues for Caistor and something town councillors are constantly trying to solve.

Caistor Mill Road proposed car park EMN-210308-111507001
Caistor Mill Road proposed car park EMN-210308-111507001
Caistor Mill Road proposed car park EMN-210308-111507001

The main area for parking is the market place, but with a growing market on a Saturday, this is pushing cars on to residential streets, which can cause issues for residents.

A week-day four-hour limit has been placed on the area at Caistor Town Hall after hall users were unable to find a parking spot, and there is also a small car park behind the town’s charity shop in South Street.

But with visitors and residents vying for parking spots it is a subject that never goes away.

A town councillor, and former mayor, Alan Somerscalessummed up the issue: “We have a parking problem in Caistor – end of story.”

The comment came at last month’s town council meeting when parking for the annual grammar school 11-plus days were discussed.

The test days can bring an extra 100 or so cars to the town and in previous years they have parked on the North Kelsey Road entrance to the town’s sports fields.

However, the football club has request an extension of pitch area to accommodate the growing children’s section.

Part of the proposed area was used on the grammar school test days, but with match days yet to be announced by the FA the area could be out of use for parking.

Councillors spent time discussing possible solutions, but Coun Jayne Bowman was certain of one thing.

She said: “I am in favour of the community working with the school and looking for a solution.”

One solution – although it may only be for the short term – is to reinstate parking at the former Acis depot in Mill Road.

Permission was previously granted for the site to be used as parking, but this ceased when work was done to demolish the depot buildings.

This land has permission for housing, which does include a small area for public parking, but this would only be for six or so cars.

It is hoped an agreement could be made for this land to be used until work starts on the housing development at the site.

Coun Bowman said: “We need to do this as soon as possible as we are so desperate for parking.”

Mrs Bowman also asked for the town’s parking issue to be placed on a future agenda for full discussion.

The council’s next meeting will be in the town hall next Thursday, August 12, starting at 7pm.As always, there is an opportunity for residents to ask any questions or make comments at the start.

of the meeting.

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Whether you have been visiting Caistor or live in the town, what has been your experience of parking?
Have you found it difficult to find a parking spot or has your 
accessed been blocked by cars?


How can Caistor’s parking issue be solved?
Can you identify an area that could be adapted for parking?
A previous suggestion was made for residents’ parking permits in areas of the town where parking for residents has been an 
issue – would this just create more issues?
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