Land is allocation for 'Park and Ride' in Skegness Neighbourhood Plan

A policy including land set aside for a 'park and ride' is included draft Skegness Neighbourhood Plan, which goes out for consultation next month.
Skegness Town Council.Skegness Town Council.
Skegness Town Council.

The area suggested is land north of Wainfleet Road, which if successful would alleviate to congestion issues witnesses in town this summer.

Residents who agree with this and have other opinions on how the town should develop are being given a final chance to have their say on the Plan.

A consultation will run from Monday, September 6, to Monday, October 18 for comments to be submitted, before the Draft Neighbourhood Plan before is submitted to East Lindsey District Council.

Once the plan has been submitted there will be a final opportunity for submission of representations, following which the plan will be examined by an

independent examiner.

Local residents will then be asked to vote on whether the final plan should be adopted through a local referendum.

As part of this consultation Skegness Town Council, in conjunction with DLP Consultants, will also be holding a remote workshop on the plan for key partners on Thursday, September 9.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan sets out the vision and policies to guide future development at the local

level. It allows local residents to shape the places in which they live and work by influencing

where future development will go and what it will look like.

Skegness Town Council has prepared a Draft Neighbourhood Plan which sets out policies and proposed site allocations for the town.

The Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the development plan for East Lindsey District Council (ELDC), and applications for new developments will be required to align with the Skegness Neighbourhood Plan once it is


This means that the Neighbourhood Plan will be considered by Planning Officers in ELDC when determining planning applications.

What policies are included in the Skegness Neighbourhood Plan?

Part two of the neighbourhood plan outlines specific policies for Skegness based around key policy themes, such as employment, education and skills; and tourism and vsitor economy.

Policies for Skegness town centre support the creation and retention of active frontages; support applications for residential uses on upper floors above town centre units; and promotes the creation of high quality, well-designed shop frontages and signage.

Transport infrastructure is also included in the draft plan, supporting planning applications that encourage use of

sustainable transport modes and set out car parking, cycle and motorcycle parking standards for new developments.

There are also policies supporting development of affordable residential dwellings, small-scale housing developments on brownfield infill or redevelopment sites, and specialist older persons accommodation, subject to certain criteria being met.

Community, health and well-being policies support the retention of existing community facilities and public open spaces, and support applications for new community facilities subject to certain criteria being met.

New developments, including car parks and edge of settlement developments, that provide high quality design and meet certain specific design criteria are also included. The Draft Neighbourhood Plan proposes to allocate four sites for development.

These include

▪ ELDC Council Offices, North Parade (Site Ref. NDP1) – allocated for leisure, tourism

and/or community use, or affordable residential use

▪ Skegness Fire Station and 8no. ‘Firemen’ Houses, Churchill Avenue (Site Ref. NDP2) –allocated for employment use, or affordable residential use

▪ Land North of Wainfleet Road (Site Ref. NDP3) – allocated for employment use or a Park and Ride facility

▪ Skegness Household Waste Recycling Centre, Warth Lane (Site Ref. NDP4) – allocated

for employment use or affordable residential use

A copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and other supporting documents can be viewed online at:

Hard copies of the plan are also available to view Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm at Tower Gardens Pavilion (Reception and Community Café), Rutland Road, Skegness, PE25 2AX.

To contribute your views on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan:

• Complete a paper copy of the Comments Form and return this to: Skegness Town Council,

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation, Tower Gardens Pavilion, Rutland Road, Skegness,

Lincolnshire, PE25 2AX;

• Complete an online version of the Comments Form by visiting; or

You can also email your comments to [email protected]