Lincolnshire artist holds exhibition at Old Coach House in Louth

Lincolnshire artist Glynne Bulman will present a fresh collection of work inspired by the months spent in lockdown, at a gallery in Louth this month (August).

Some of Glynne's artwork.

Using a mix of watercolour and water soluble oils, Glynne captures both the isolation of the pandemic and a bright reminder of the colour and hope still living in Lincolnshire.

Glynne explained: “As things began to shut down, I was working towards an exhibition in May but it soon became clear that the show would not go on and was postponed.

“At the same time I was at home alone and wondering how to fill my days. Normal circumstances would dictate that I worked on a theme and found a personal way to interpret that theme through my practice – but this was different.

Some of Glynne's artwork.

“Like many, I found it difficult to concentrate on a major topic and my focus was apt to drift – I decided to go with it and just do ‘stuff’ to keep me going.

“As a consequence, this show is a very eclectic mix of the things that caught my eye, or were just around and waiting to be observed.”

Glynne continued: “This exhibition is spontaneous; it is a product of the events of 2020. It has not been carefully planned, paintings have been produced on whatever was at hand in the studio, subjects are picked up and put down on a whim.

“This approach, however, kept me looking forward and is an example of resilience in dark moments. Many of us have been, and still are, frightened by the threat of Covid 19, but similarly many of us have taken time out to notice and respond to the import things and discard some of the trivia that can clutter our life.

Some of Glynne's artwork.

“The work here is my way of making sense of what has happened to the world – I hope you enjoy looking at it.”

The exhibition will be held throughout August at the Old Coach House Antique Centre and Gallery in Aswell Street, open from Monday to Saturday (10am-4pm).

Visit for more of Glynne’s work.