Lincolnshire couple are lottery winners with hearts of gold

When Coningsby couple Richard and Angela Maxwell won £53million on the National Lottery in March 2015, they vowed to help their community.

Richard and Angela Maxwell

While the ink was still drying on that all-important cheque, the couple stated: “We want to change - and save - lives.”

Four-and-a-half years on, they have been more than true to their word.

While some winners have gambled away fortunes, Mr and Mrs Maxwell have funded a host of projects - from hosting lunches to installing CCTV in their village - and paying for students from a local academy to visit Space Camp in America!

Now, Mr and Mrs Maxwell will be included in a photographic exhibition featuring some of the unique and wonderful purchases lottery winners have made.

The stunning photographic display takes place at the historic lottery-funded Fulham Palace in London from October 30 to November 10 and celebrates the 25th birthday of The National Lottery.

It showcases the inspiring, obscure and heartfelt stories behind what National Lottery winners have bought with their prize money.

The Maxwells star in one of the 25 amazing images which will be on show.

As members of Rotary and other charitable organisations, the couple decided to help their community after their huge win.

Mr Maxwell said, “Within hours of winning, we’d decided to help people around us.

“A summer lunch we hold in our garden, and a firework display we host are two highlights every year.

“We’ve installed CCTV in the village and are also building a new Scout hut and playgroup entrance.

“We fund the Christmas lights, and Angela makes wreaths with children who have lost loved ones.

“We’ve sent three pupils from the local school (Barnes Wallis Academy) to Space Camp in America and another 50 to the Space Centre in Leicester .

“We have also provided woodwork and metalwork classrooms.

“We also pay for new drivers under 30 in Lincolnshire to take an advanced test.

“We want to change – and save – lives.”

The exhibition details 25 photographs of winners and aims to tell their individual stories, and paint a picture of their fascinating lives.

Other stories include Cath and Bill Mullarkey’s dream of building a beautiful home in St. Lucia, Richard and Faye Davies’ £20k field for their dogs to enjoy and Matt Evans’ football-themed garden.

The exhibition covers it all.

Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said, “It is always wonderful to hear about the truly amazing things that National Lottery winners do with their money.

“This exhibition is a fantastic showcase of wacky and obscure hobbies, to the generous, heartfelt and even surprising stories that winning The National Lottery has enabled some of our 5,500 millionaires to have.”

The Maxwells won the EuroMillions jackpot on March 31 - and according to reports they still play every week at the same newsagents in Silver Street,Coningsby where they bought their winning ticket.

•The first National Lottery draw was on November 19th 1994. Over the last 25 years, 5,500 millionaires have been created and over £71 billion in prizes has been given out.

In total, £40 billion has been raised for good causes and more than 565,000 individual grants have been made across the UK. But not all have been as community minded as the Maxwells.