Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue release barbecue safety tips

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are calling for county residents to remember top tips before sparking up the barbecue this summer.
A firefighter tries to extinguish a barbecue after it sets alight. EMN-180525-145735001A firefighter tries to extinguish a barbecue after it sets alight. EMN-180525-145735001
A firefighter tries to extinguish a barbecue after it sets alight. EMN-180525-145735001

Community Fire Safety Manager Lee Marsh, said: “Whether you are using a charcoal or gas-fuelled barbecue, the first thing we ask people to do is think carefully about where they are putting it.

“Make sure the ground is flat and properly prepared, and before you light it, ensure the barbecue is in a safe place and not close to hedges, trees, fencing or even guttering or garden furniture.”

Lee also urges people to use the right equipment to light their barbecue and, most importantly, to leave them outside.

He said: “The biggest mistake we see at this time of year is that people take their barbecue under cover, or in some case, even inside.

“We see it especially with the smaller, disposable barbecues, but we would strongly advise people never to do this.

“As well as the risk of a fire, there is also the chance that people can be overcome by gasses like carbon monoxide.

“We also advise against the use of flammable liquids once the barbecue is lit to get it going quicker.

People have been known to use petrol or paraffin on their charcoal, but this is extremely dangerous and can lead to flames flashing up and causing serious injury.

“Try to ensure you have a bucket of water close to the barbecue in case you need to dowse any flames.

“Lastly, what can be a relatively minor incident can often be exaggerated if those in attendance have been having a drink.

“We recommend that anyone in charge of the cooking should stay away from the alcohol.”

If you are planning to have a barbecue, remember these helpful tips:

• Make sure your barbecue is sited in a safe and appropriate place

• Prepare the ground first before you light up the barbecue

• You should never take the barbecue under cover or inside

• If you are in charge of the cooking, stay away from alcohol

• If the ignition button does not work, use a specially designed ‘lighter,’ not a cigarette lighter or match

• Never be tempted to use an accelerant on your barbecue

• Take care when discarding cigarettes outside in hot, dry weather

• The summer months also see an increase in incidents because of discarded cigarettes setting light to dry grass and foliage.

Lee added: “People naturally want to spend more time outdoors in the hot weather and it can lead to problems when people discard their cigarettes.

“Warm, sunny weather is a rare treat for us in Lincolnshire and we hope it’s here to stay so we can all enjoy it.”

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