Lincolnshire makes appearance on Strictly Come Dancing launch show

Lincolnshire waltzed into the national spotlight on Saturday (September 18) evening when Strictly Come Dancing returned.

Boston-born Robert Webb and Dianne Buswell. Picture: BBC Pictures

The Market Place, in Boston, provided the meeting point for contestant Robert Webb and his dance partner Dianne Buswell.

To a TV audience in its millions, the Peep Show star made his entrance in a bubble car.

“When I pulled up in the bubble car I was worried that I was going to run her over, as well as really happy that it was her,” he said

Robert was born in Boston and grew up in Woodhall Spa.

He explained to his dance partner that there is a bubble car museum not far from the town (at Langrick) and added that he passed his driving test in Boston.

“That was in a more recent car than that,” he joked.

Robert and Dianne will perform their first dance as a couple on Saturday – a cha-cha-cha to Boney M’s Rasputin.

It is not the first time Boston has held a connection to Strictly Come Dancing.

In 2017, the Rev Richard Coles, a former curate at the Stump, was a contestant on the 15th series of the show. He, too, was partnered with Diane in what was her first series on the show.