Lincolnshire pets given a voice in new TV show

What pet owner hasn’t secretly wondered what their furry friend is thinking? What they want for dinner? Where they might like to go for a walk? But, none of us would have guessed that they might be pop music fans!
Cookie reveals hidden secrets. Image: Broken BiscuitsCookie reveals hidden secrets. Image: Broken Biscuits
Cookie reveals hidden secrets. Image: Broken Biscuits

Two Lincolnshire pets had the chance to have their voices heard when they were chosen to participate in Channel Five’s new television show The Pet Psychic.

Otto, the two-legged Shih Tzu cross, and Cookie, the disabled Rag Doll cat, were visited by animal psychic Beth Lee Crowther who uncovered some interesting feedback for their owners. Both of these adorable pets are graduates of Broken Biscuits award winning rescue and rehabilitation program. Broken Biscuits is a Lincolnshire-based charity that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes hundreds of disabled pets across the UK. They also run a sanctuary where perfectly imperfect pets can thrive and regain their mobility under the supervision of vet professionals.

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Broken Biscuits co-founder and trustee, Tim Giles, is excited to see two alumni crack it to prime time Tv. He said: “Otto and Cookie had such great fun working with Beth, and it is fantastic to see them up on the screen. We are committed to helping to normalise the perceptions of the community towards pet disability. Seeing them on mainstream TV is a wonderful way of doing this. People can see that life really does roll on.”

Filming with Otto involved a taxi ride. Image: Broken BiscuitsFilming with Otto involved a taxi ride. Image: Broken Biscuits
Filming with Otto involved a taxi ride. Image: Broken Biscuits

Cookie the cat will be the in the second episode of the series which airs tonight (The Pet Psychic, Tuesday February 27 at 7PM). Together with Cookie’s carer, vet nurse Elishia from The Vet Station, Beth will unlock hidden gems of insight. Opening up about her feelings regarding her medical treatments, as well as an unexpected fondness for Lady Ga Ga.

Otto the dog will appear in the fourth episode, (airing Tuesday March 12 at 7PM). Otto suffered a traumatic road traffic accident early in his life, requiring a triple amputation, (both back legs and tail). Since then, he has led a happy life rolling around the UK and in his favourite place – the pastures of the Broken Biscuits sanctuary in his wheelchair. Happy as he is, Otto does however still harbour a great fear of cars, and this impacts on his enjoyment of outings with Tim and his family. With Beth’s help Otto opens up on his fears and they work together to overcome these and make trips less stressful.

Beth and her pet reading skills has offered to come back to Lincolnshire soon, invited back by Broken Biscuits to hold some reading sessions with the local community, as a way to help the charity raise money to continue to help other pets like Cookie and Otto.

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