Lincolnshire Police launch Operation Fatal Five to help keep county's roads safer

This April ​Lincolnshire Police will be cracking down on the fatal five behaviours which cause destruction on the county’s roads.
Lincolnshire Police have launched Operation Fatal Five to help keep roads saferLincolnshire Police have launched Operation Fatal Five to help keep roads safer
Lincolnshire Police have launched Operation Fatal Five to help keep roads safer

Operation Fatal Five will focus on speeding, drink/drugs, carelessness, distraction and not wearing a seatbelt.

Inspector Jason Baxter said: “It’s extremely frustrating and deeply tragic that these potentially fatal behaviours are so easily avoided.

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“Although Lincolnshire Police, and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, carry out road safety activity all year, we will be undertaking a month long enhanced enforcement operation throughout April, where we will seek out those who commit fatal five offences.

“We want people to understand the consequences – not only of being caught, but also the risks of causing a collision resulting in serious injury or death.”

The month of enforcement will see both overt and covert cars, focusing on routes with a high volume of traffic where the police see the greatest numbers of serious and fatal collisions.

Insp Baxter said: “There’s huge support from the public for this type of enforcement activity and it’s a vital element to keeping our roads safe.

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“When you take risks, you are not just taking those risks on behalf of yourself, you are taking them on behalf of everyone using our roads.

“We make no apology for taking action to penalise those who break the law, putting themselves and others at risk.

“Lincolnshire is a big county and we can’t be everywhere, but we want to get across the message that we could be anywhere.”

Lincolnshire’s fatal five operation will run until April 28, in line with the National Police Chief’s Council month long road safety focus on the behaviours that cause the most harm. The police aim to engage the people of Lincolnshire in order to educate drivers on what the fatal five are, and the importance of safe driving. This is bolstered with the warning that alongside the risk you pose on the roads, you also run the risk of being caught.

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Penalties for committing a fatal five offence include a criminal record, a maximum of six months in prison, points on your licence and a fine.

The penalties for causing a fatal collision include up to life imprisonment.