Lincolnshire project supporting more children than ever

A project which supports children in Lincolnshire affected by a relative's alcohol abuse is helping more people than ever.

Young Oasis practitioners deliver one-to-one sessions to children in Lincolnshire aged five to 18 affected by a relative's alcohol abuse. EMN-180205-114022001

The Young Oasis team delivered more than 500 sessions to 47 children from across the county between March 2017 and April 2018, and this figure is only set to increase in 2018.

With the increased demand, Young Oasis has recruited more staff to cope with the rise.

It comes as the Government announced last month that it will provide £6m of funding to help children with alcoholic parents to access vital support and advice.

Since 2000, Lincolnshire Action Trust’s Young Oasis project has helped hundreds of children aged five to 18 by offering confidential one-to-one support to work through the challenges of their situation.

Christina Hall, Director of Operations for Lincolnshire Action Trust, said: “Sadly, we’ve seen a rise in demand for our service every year – so much so that we recently had to recruit two more members of staff to ensure we can adequately meet it.

“We’ve had 17 referrals so far this year – compared to four in the same period last year – and we’re currently dealing with over 40 cases, so the figures for the next 12 months will look significantly different.”

The Young Oasis project is funded entirely by Lincolnshire Action Trust and relies on donations.

Christina added: “For the majority of the children accessing our service, it is their parents who are misusing alcohol so, of course, we welcome the commitment from the government.

“Although at the time of writing we don’t know the exact plan for the funding, it’s certainly reassuring to know that it is being recognised as a key issue in Westminster.”

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