Litter louts blasted

A former Horncastle business owner has hit out at litter louts who left the remains of a takeaway meal outside his home.

Rubbish was dumped in Horncastle.
Rubbish was dumped in Horncastle.

Peter Foster said: “I could have done with a better sight on Sunday morning than finding all this McDonald rubbish outside my front door.

“The photo doesn’t show it, but there is a rubbish bin (clean and empty) just across the road which could easily have been used.

“Civilised standards seem to be falling everywhere, and it always seems someone else is to blame.

“The people who did this (littering) are too lazy and ignorant to do that.

“Poverty cannot be blamed this time as it must have been dumped from a car - and takeaway meals are not that cheap to just throw away half of it.”