Litter louts face £150 fine as new enforcement officers hit streets

Litter louts face a £150 fine when new enforcement officers hit the streets of East Lindsey.

Dog dirt left in a tree in Skegness.
Dog dirt left in a tree in Skegness.

The team will be walking around the district’s tourist centres, towns and villages in a bid to enforce and educate people on such things as deliberately dropping litter and those who fail to pick up after their dog or fail to be able to provide the means to pick up after their dog.

Officers will begin patrolling areas of East Lindsey later this month and will be issuing £150 fixed penalty notices to those who are caught breaking the rules.

Anyone who does not discharge their liability by paying the fine will face prosecution in court.

As well as dog fouling and litter, the team have also been given the powers to deal with other environmental crime such as fly-tipping and graffiti.

Some of their work will be carried out using information passed to us by members of the public and local councillors.

It is hoped that the environmental crime enforcement officers will deter irresponsible behaviour and encourage people to dispose of their rubbish more responsibly and keep East Lindsey at its best for residents and visitors.

Coun Martin Foster, Portfolio Holder for Operational Services at East Lindsey District Council said: “Littering and dog fouling are two of the most regular complaints we receive and people have had enough of these deliberate acts which are carried out with no thought for other people.

“Bringing more enforcement to East Lindsey will help tackle these problems which blight communities make the streets of East Lindsey much cleaner.”